10 things we learned in November

It’s been an interesting month in motorland. We take a look back through the stories that caught our eye in November.

Turns out electric cars are too quiet

Vehicles have gradually become quieter and quieter, but they could now be too quiet, according to US regulators. In fact, new electric and hybrid cars may soon be required to have an artificial noise-making system added to them, so that people know they’re around. This is seen as especially important for cyclists and visually-impaired pedestrians. Without this measure put in place, research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that collisions could be 19% higher with silent vehicles than petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles.

Formula E to run first driverless car races

It doesn’t seem like long ago that driverless cars were just a futuristic vision, but now they are very real. While we wait in suspense for them to be made available to the public at affordable prices, however, it looks like we may soon be seeing them on the race course. Formula E are currently planning to have autonomous cars race against each other, to create the world’s first driverless car racing series. It will be fast and exciting, with these driverless vehicles reaching speeds of up to 186mph!

Pile up on Downing Street

If you’ve ever pranged a car, it’s likely that you felt terrible for the rest of the day. Well, at least your little mishap probably wasn’t caught on camera. This certainly wasn’t the case for the Prime Minister’s car, as it embarrassingly bumped into another vehicle outside Number 10, which was waiting to take David Cameron to Prime Minister’s Questions.

Test your driving reaction speed

Do you think you’re a good driver? A fun new game from Just Park helps you to test your reflexes on the road and works out how old a driver is, based on their ability to perform an emergency stop. It’s interesting to see who performed the best during their tests!

Tokyo unveils crazy concept cars

The Tokyo Motor Show, which takes place at the start of November, is a platform for carmakers to show people what they can really do. Along with more traditional ideas, there are often a variety of weird and wonderful creations. This year definitely didn’t disappoint and gave a clear insight into the future of motoring, with scissor doors, cars that can park themselves with a simple command from a smartphone or tablet, cars that can supply power to other vehicles and the local power grid, plus much more!

Google car finds itself in world’s most viral traffic stop

If you’re looking forward to being in a driverless car and not having to worry about getting in trouble with the police, then think again! This month, a Google self-driving car (which is apparently capped at 25mph) was causing traffic to back up behind it. This led to it actually being pulled over by police in California for driving too slowly!

Man gets his own back on traffic cops

Have you ever muttered the phrase ‘one rule for one and one rule for another’? Well this month, a policeman in Gloucestershire thought that he could set his own rules while handing out speeding tickets. This seriously backfired on him when he got caught on camera himself. Driver Jamie Britton saw the police officer parked on the pavement and got him booked for dangerous parking. Take a look at the parking in question and let us know if you agree with the decision.

2015 GP2 season ended with a multi-car crash in Abu Dhabi

After an exciting season, everyone was ready for the final GP2 race at Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. Instead of finishing on a high, however, the season ended in very dramatic fashion, as Pierre Gasly caused a multi-car pile up on the opening lap, which meant that the race was abandoned.

Floaty cars race in Dubai

We know that Dubai always tries to go bigger and better than any other city and this latest performance is no different. At the 2015 Dubai Motor Festival in November, there was definitely a show stopper moment when the world’s first ever ‘amphibious supercar performance‘ was revealed. Not only did two specially-adapted cars zoom across the water, they continued the show with a number of stunts, to really surprise and delight the onlookers.

Chris Evans reveals date for return of Top Gear

Are you an avid Top Gear fan? We were all upset when we saw the popular TV show come to a sudden end earlier this year, when presenter Jeremy Clarkson got himself dramatically fired. But good news for those who love cars! As many of you know, Chris Evans will be the new presenter, but he has just disclosed the date for the much-anticipated return to our TV screens. We suggest you keep your evening free on Sunday 8 May 2016!


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