Vauxhall Corsa begins its green approach with new engine

Although Vauxhall has been slow to attach itself to the new green approach to driving, headway has been made with the new Vauxhall Corsa, according to a reviewer.

Phil Lanning states in the Sun that the new Corsa Ecoflex takes a different approach to the green incentives undertaken by other manufacturers.

Rather than change aerodynamics or bring in low rolling-resistance tyres, Vauxhall has simply introduced a greener engine, Mr Lanning remarks.

A tweak to the 1.3-litre diesel engine has meant that the Corsa now emits under 120g/km of CO2 without compromising on other areas, as they have not been changed from the traditional Corsa offering.

Meanwhile, Mr Lanning adds that motorists will struggle to better the 62.8 miles to the gallon achieved by the Corsa, while there is the additional choice of three trim levels.

Overall, he states that it is a "very good car" that is impressing him more on a daily basis.

According to the BBC TV show Top Gear, the Corsa is "one of the best superminis around, and a looker with it".


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