Spoilt child contender gets Vauxhall Corsa for 17th birthday

A contender for Britain’s most spoilt child is to be bought a customised Vauxhall Corsa for his upcoming birthday, despite not yet being old enough to drive it.

Jordan Smith is soon to celebrate his 17th birthday and his mother has admitted to the Daily Mail that she has spent £20,000 on presents for the teenager.

However, the Corsa will not be the only vehicle owned by the youngster as his £5,000 Renault Clio that was bought last birthday still sits unused.

His mother Suzanne told the publication: "It’s a shame he’s already bored of his Clio but he loves polishing it.

"And it wasn’t a waste of money because it gave him the freedom to get out of the house – even if it was just to sit in it on the driveway with his friends."

Suzanne has admitted to spending over £52,000 on her son in the last year alone, without including the cost of his upcoming birthday.

Buyers of a Vauxhall Corsa will benefit from a "dynamic chassis and punchy petrol or diesel engines," according to the manufacturer.


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