Bug control service on offer to Vauxhall owners

A special ‘de-bugging’ service is being offered to Vauxhall drivers who are concerned at the effects of leaving their air conditioning turned off over the winter months.

Participating Vauxhall MasterFit centres will offer the service, which is designed to kill off any bacteria and mould spores that have gathered in engine pipework.

When air conditioning is switched off, it can create condensation within pipes and when this is combined with the warmth generated by the engine, it creates an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to thrive.

This can create an unpleasant odour inside a car and also give passengers sore throats or allergic reactions.

The service at Vauxhall MasterFit centres will use recommended biocides to solve the problem and can be completed in 30 minutes.

A full air-con service is offered at some Vauxhall centres which will test systems for leaks, filter refrigerant gas and insert fresh oil where necessary.

Vauxhall advises motorists to service their air conditioning or climate control systems on an annual basis to ensure they are fully effective.


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