Agila to be launched in 2008

Vauxhall’s latest model, the Agila, is due to be launched in spring 2008 in what the company hopes will be a new urban alternative in the small car market.

The Agila, which matches the level of the Suzuki Swift and is in fact a joint venture with Suzuki, comes with 1,150 litres of boot space, five doors and yet a small, friendly size.

It comes in two petrol engine sizes, a 64bhp one litre unit and an 85bhp 1.2-litre model, while a 74bhp 1.3-litre turbodiesel version will also be available.

And the small car, which is generally aiming to corner the increasingly popular European town car market, comes with the sleek and sophisticated lines which could help propel it into the best sellers’ list.

"That almost vertical front end gives the Agila a tough and robust look," Opel design director Mark Adams told Car Pages. "And yet its friendly face and open-eyed headlamps give it that cute character which is so vital in this market sector."


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