Skoda gives Roomster a boost

Skoda is offering consumers a chance to save some cash on a bigger model this summer by giving a free trim upgrade on its family-friendly Roomster.

Until the end of September, parents looking for better value on the school run can purchase a Roomster 2 for the price of a Roomster 1, while buying a Roomster 3 for the price of a Roomster 2 and a Roomster Scout for the price of a Roomster 3.

Masses of space, impressive fuel economy and raised rear seats make the new model perfect for the school run.

A panoramic sun roof and oversized rear windows allow passengers to enjoy the trip and reclining seats can be readjusted after a long day.

Money can also be saved on running the car as efficient fuel consumption leads to a decrease in running costs as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Robert Hazelwood, brand director of Skoda’s UK arm, said that customers wanted more for their money.

"The Roomster is a great family car and now has even more appealing trims and gadgets at no extra cost," he added.


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