Team Mazda’s Triathletes sweat on Beijing selection

Team Mazda’s team of Tim Don, Ollie Freeman and Hollie Avil are all awaiting the official BOA announcement of the British Triathlon team on June 26th, although all three have almost certainly been selected.

In the meantime, all three will be at the Mazda Blenheim Triathlon, in Oxfordshire, which will be held on June 7th and 8th to cheer on sport journalists, Mazda directors and communications staff, who will also represent team Mazda on the day.

"Team Mazda has been formed as part of our plans to be heavily involved with the sport of triathlon, as well as providing sponsorship to major events such as the Mazda Blenheim and London Triathlons," explains Mazda marketing director Mark Cameron.
"Mazda aims to boost interest and participation in the sport from the grass roots upwards, which is why, alongside our triathlon sponsorship, we launched the Talent Identification Programme in partnership with the British Triathlon Federation," continues Mark Cameron.

"The company’s whole zoom-zoom philosophy is about the thrill of driving and the feeling you get driving one of our cars. It is an attitude to life and a mode-of-thinking – and triathlon echoes that."

Mazda will be distributing special tickets to spectators to give them the opportunity to head to the Mazda hospitality tent and meet the athletes after they have competed.


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