Sales in Scotland hand Mazda record year

More Mazda cars were sold in Scotland this year than any other, according to the automobile manufacturer.

The company has announced that it took a 3.41 per cent increase in Scottish market share over 2007, which is representative of a 20.5 per cent rise in sales.

Its Mazda 6 model was the top seller, with 2,450 being driven out of dealerships by new customers, followed by the Mazda 3 C-segment family car.

Jeremy Thomson, the company’s UK sales director, commented that the firm has strong dealership coverage in the area.

He said: "Our retail market share has improved remarkably in the last year, in 2006 just three dealers were above three percent retail market share. This has increased to 11 dealers reaching over three percent retail market share during 2007."

This comes as the firm releases an all-new Mazda 6 today, which Dale Gillespie from Jennings Mazda comments features "an even sportier form factor".


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