Mazda MX-5 tops reliability poll

The Mazda MX-5 has topped a poll to find the most reliable top-down cars, it emerged today.

Although UK drivers may not have found many opportunities this year to bask in the sunshine, those thinking of buying a convertible might be interested to hear of the MX-5’s success.

The MX-5 was found to be the most dependable by Warranty Direct’s reliability index, which calculates a rating by considering the average cost of repair and the average number of visits the car makes to the garage.

Using this method, the Mazda MX-5 came out on top with an index of 7.29, ahead of the Honda S2000, the Peugeot 206CC and the BMW Z3 among others.

Although Mazda may be well known for the MX-5, it also offers a number of other models which could be suitable for new and existing car owners alike.

It is currently gearing up for the release of the CX-7.


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