Mazda to launch new Smart Idle Stop System

Mazda has emphasised its commitment to a sustainable strategy by announcing plans to fit its cars with the Smart Idle Stop System (Siss).

The Mazda Siss automatically stops the engine of the car, then automatically starts it again by using direct-injection technology helped by a starter motor action.

It does this through compression-stroke and expansion-stroke pistons which are stopped at exactly the correct position to ensure the right balance of air volume in each cylinder.

Mazda’s system is thought to be a global first, as, uniquely, it begins indexing the pistons before the engine starts up again, unlike run-of-the-mill systems that do this after an electric motor starts turning over the engine.

The brains behind Siss believe that this innovation means that it starts about twice as fast as competitor systems, delivering a smoother restart and fuel savings.

European drivers need only wait ’til the first half of this year before they can try out the Siss system and lower their fuel consumption.

Written by Murray Andrew


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