Mazda Taiki continues Nagare “evolution”

The new concept car from Mazda follows in the design tradition set by the Nagare, according to the automaker.

Following on from the Nagare, Ryuga and Hakaze vehicles, the Mazda Taiki model represents a fusion of real-world technologies with concept designs, it added.

It features better aerodynamic performance than its predecessors as well as an advanced next-generation rotary engine.

The model is part of a number of vehicles which achieve its Zoom-Zoom ideology, the Japanese car manufacturer added.

"Mazda is offering an exhilarating driving experience with vehicles that achieve Mazda’s trademark fun-to-drive performance, allied with outstanding environmental and safety performance," the firm stated.

This comes as the company has announced the development of an automotive exhaust system catalyst, allowing the use of some metals to be cut by between 70 and 90 per cent.

Nanotechnology has been employed to create a material structure that makes this reduction of palladium and platinum possible.


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