New lane-changing technology to make Mazda6 even more attractive

New lane-changing technology is set to make the Mazda6 even more attractive to drivers.

The Rear Vehicle Monitoring System will become standard on 15 models from the beginning of 2009.

The new fully-automatic active safety feature detects and warns the driver of an approaching vehicle reducing the danger of moving across into a busy lane by mistake.

Ingeniously, the system employs wide-angle microwave radar units on the right and left side of the rear bumper to cover both sides of the car within a range of 50 metres.

At speeds over 40mph, microwaves are produced which bounce off following vehicles, including motorcycles, and are picked up by the system’s receivers.

A proximity light blinks and a beeper sounds to warn the driver not to change lanes if the lane is considered too busy to move into.

The system still works in bad weather conditions and features the additional benefit of detecting vehicles driving in the ‘blind spot’ area. It does not monitor or detect cars following behind in the same lane as the Mazda.

Written by Roxy Moran


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