Face-lifted Picanto to debut in Spain

An updated version of the Kia Picanto will have its world debut at the Barcelona Motor Show on June 7th.

The South Korean manufacturer said that, while the new Picanto will only be millimetres bigger than its predecessor, it will be "miles better in every way".

Among the stylistic revisions of the new model is a rounder nose, deeper rear bumper and new panels on the bonnet and front wings.

The ’rounded’ theme is maintained in the light clusters and newly-designed grille, which will be gradually introduced in other areas of the Kia line-up.

Five new colours have been made available for the Picanto’s interior, as well as new audio equipment and power steering that will offer a "high quality driving experience".

Jean-Charles Lievens, European vice-president of Kia, said: "Picanto has been a great success for Kia, achieving more than 250,000 sales across Europe in a segment where we previously had no presence.

"Now we have refreshed our small car, upgrading its equipment and introducing a range of customer benefits, we aim to maintain its appeal and expand sales to 90,000 units annually over the next few years."


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