Fiat wins the CO2 league

Research conducted by Clean Green Cars has discovered that Fiat is the mainstream manufacturer with the lowest average tailpipe CO2 emission.

Fiat and Mini were the only two major companies to have kept to the average of 140 g/km – the target figure that car makers set themselves a decade ago.

Clean Green Cars is not shy about naming the worst CO2 offenders. Porsche finished rock bottom of the pile – their emissions actually went up slightly in the first half of 2008.

Jay Nagley of Clean Green Cars said: "Car makers have been complaining about pressure from the EU to meet what they say are ‘unrealistic’ targets. Now they are having to face much stiffer targets from the people that really matter – consumers."

Every manufacturer with average new car emissions significantly above 200 g/km of CO2 experienced a sales slump from January to June.

Porsche and Jeep sales dropped by over a half, Land Rover and Chrysler fell by nearly 30 per cent while Subaru registrations plummeted by an alarming 17.8 per cent – clear evidence, Clean Green Cars believes, that cars with high CO2 emissions are being heavily penalised.


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