New Fiat device could ‘change the way motorists drive their cars forever’

Fiat has launched a new device which it claims could "change the way motorists drive their cars forever".

The software application is called eco:Drive and is free to download and install on your computer.

Using Fiat’s acclaimed Blue&Me entertainment and communications system, it can then be plugged into any USB key in a Fiat car to allow detailed information about the vehicle’s efficiency and your driving style to be recorded during a journey.

Once the journey has finished these details can be displayed by plugging the USB key into your computer.

Users will be able to analyse fuel consumption and emissions for each journey made, as well as receive advice on how to drive more efficiently, reducing their impact on the environment.

Your ‘eco:Index’ – a score out of 100 – will highlight how efficiently you have driven, based on your acceleration, deceleration, gear changes and speed.

Want to improve your score? Why not use a series of tutorials showing you how to perfect your driving using detailed information from your own journeys?

Fiat 500 and Grande Punto will be the first Fiat Group vehicles to use eco:Drive.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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