Fiat Grande Punto set to bounce on to TV screens

Shot at London’s Alexandra Palace, the footage cost a cool £500,000 to shoot and features Olympian trampolinists springing up towards the camera carrying message boards describing the charms of the Grande Punto.

But the trampolinists are all overshadowed when the Grande Punto itself makes a ‘grande’ entrance and performs rolls and pirouettes before coming to rest.

The advert was the brainchild of Michael Gracey and visual effects artist Pete Commins, who together have worked with the equally bouncy Charlotte Church, Natasha Bedingfield and Sugababes.

But how did they get such a heavy car to do such acrobatics without breaking the trampoline? And why can’t we see the stunt driver during the action?

The ad’s producers were tight lipped about the magic they used to film the scenes but did reveal that the car was dropped 20 metres on to the trampoline at one stage.

The new Grande Punto is available to buy tomorrow (July 17th), starting at £9,200 for the Active 1.4 8v, rising to £14,325 for the five-door Sport 1.9 MultiJet 130.


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