Mazda MX5 Video Review


Hi, I’m David Osbourne here at Milcars Mazda in Watford.

The Mazda MX5 needs very little introduction from me.

It’s an iconic car, whether you go for the classic cloth soft top or the more recent retractable folding electrical hard top.

Either car will offer you driving fun in spades. That is what this car primarily has in mind, your enjoyment.

The MX5 is available either as a 1.8 with a 5 speed manual gear box or the full on 2Litre 6speed gearbox experience.

The vehicle is also available now as an automatic with a 6 speed box and paddle shift for the ultimate driving control.

Although the MX5 is designed more with driving enjoyment than practicality in mind, there are a couple of things which make the MX5 liveable on a day to day basis.

Before added you don’t need the regular 4 seats, the roof will not impinge on any of the luggage space available in the car.

So roof up or roofs down you have the same amount of space to play with.

Once inside the MX5 you will notice that everything is geared around your driving enjoyment.

The gear shift for example falls very closely to hand and has a very short throw.

The handbrake is well within grasp. The steering wheel adjusts for height and falls right into your hands.

Same with the stalks, the dials, everything is laid out for your maximum driving enjoyment.

For example, even the stereo will change pitch depending on whether the roof is raised or lowered to give you the maximum enjoyment from the stereo.

The seats are designed to hold you in place during cornering as well as providing comfort for a longer journey.

The electric folding hard top you see here is fully electric and can be raised or lowered in just 12 seconds.
Making it the quickest folding hard top on sale today. So, if you would like any more information on the Mazda MX5 or any of the other vehicles from the Mazda range, please do not hesitate to visit us here at Milcars Mazda Watford.


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