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Screaming, howling and burning across the screen, the movie car chase is (in the words of voice-over-man) a thrill-packed joyride through streets, parks, mountains, fields, boxes, stairs, lakes and sewers of wherever our unlikely hero might find themselves. We’ve taken a white-knuckle trip through the cinematic archives to bring you seven movie car chases for which, we think, you should strap in and just enjoy the ride.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Ok, Pierce Brosnan might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but what’s not to love about a remote control BMW that shoots missiles, flies through the air and lands back the car insurance showroom?


Duel (1971)

Stephen Spielberg before he went all mushy. This car chases lasts almost the whole film! The truck, which pursues a commuter across what seems like the whole of America, carries 17 notches on its headlights, an ominous sign for the driver of a 1970 Plymouth Valiant.

Unfortunately YouTube has removed this video

The Italian Job (1969)

Girls, Cars, Turin, Benny Hill, Noel Coward, Michael Caine, but the real scene stealer has got to be the Mini Cooper S – the Sixties never swang so quite so hard. How about this for irony: Michael Caine didn’t have a driving license when The Italian Job was filmed! And what about that famous jump across roofs? It had an incredible 100ft drop! Unheard of in the Sixties.


Bourne Supremacy (2007)

After watching this car chase through the streets of Moscow, you’d be forgiven for leaving the cinema with bruises and a cut lip. Jason Bourne, already shot and trying to escape and equally skilled driver, would have taken you on a whistlestop ride through Russia’s capital, were the action not so damn breathless.


Ronin (1998)

With ‘Leon’ behind the wheel and ‘Travis Bickle’ his co-driver, is there any wonder that this car chase, apparently filmed at normal speed, makes our list? There’s a Mercedes, a Citroen, a Peugeot and an Audi having the cinematic equivalent of a punch-up across the streets and countryside of France. 80 cars were written off during filming, and it shows!


Matrix Reloaded (2003)

It might all be a bit greenscreen and computer-generated jiggery-pokery but park that for a moment, there’s rarely more fun to be had that watching Matrix Reloaded’s Freeway scene. A 1.4-mile, three-lane loop highway was built specifically for the chase scene on the decommissioned Alameda Point Navy Base, and destroyed when filming was complete.

Unfortunately YouTube has removed this video

Wanted 2008

Russian Director Timur Bekmambetov is a man with an eye for the visually absurd and he doesn’t let us down in this car chase which sees Angelina Jolie spend as much time in the car as she does out, side-flipping over police cars and onto the top of a bus, before speeding away.



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