BMW’s Olympic Vision

BMW have unveiled pictures of their 2012 Olympic Park Pavilion. A backdrop to the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre, BMW’s showcase will show a fleet of the company’s newest vehicles, technologies and visions.

Water constantly flows down the sides of the structure and, in a show of sustainability, is filtered and used to cool the building before returning to the river. The design, light roof and slender columns has been designed to complement the Olympic buildings, particularly the Velodrome, according to the German manufacturer.

Tim Abbott, Managing Director, BMW Group UK explained:

“The role of the Pavilion is two-fold – to explain the support we’re providing as the Official Automotive Partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, but also to provide a powerful visual symbol of our commitment to the highest standards of innovation in design and sustainability. We look forward to welcoming visitors and guests to the BMW Group Pavilion throughout the Games.”

The pavilion contains interactive displays outlining BMW’s vision for transport. There are displays on the BMW E-Scooter and the BMW i Pedelec, and a new look Union Jack inspired MINI Rocketman Concept.

There’ll also be the BMW i3 Concept, i8 Concept and the new BMW 3 Series Touring.
BMW will provide a fleet for over 4,000 cars for the Olympics as well as “towing horse boxes at Greenwich Park, pulling boats out of the water at Weymouth, supporting the medical and fire safety teams, and also transporting Gold medallists around the Olympic park”.

BMW paid around £50m to be the 2012 Olympics ‘automotive sponsor’ and has recently announced a three-year plan to invest a further £250m into Mini production at Oxford, Birmingham and Swindon. BMW took over the role of Official Automotive Sponsor of the Olympics from Volkswagen, who assumed the mantle at Beijing in 2008. Nissan have already signed a deal which will see them become the top tier sponsor for Rio 2016.


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