BMW Series 1 convertible “striking and effective”

German automobile manufacturer BMW has commented that its new Series 1 convertible vehicle is "visually striking and dynamically effective".

The top of the vehicle is noticeably different to most vehicles of its kind, as it has an electro-hydraulic fabric roof which opens or closes in 22 seconds at 25 mph.

Motorists can really make the vehicle unique by opting to get the feature in anthracite silver fleck – a fabric mixed with metallic fibres.

From launch, drivers can pick up one of four engines, including the power 135i with twin turbo and high-precision injection, allowing for a top speed of 155 mph.

And the environment has not been ignored in order to deliver a high-quality vehicle, the firm added.

"The new BMW 1 Series Convertible is the latest in the line of BMW models announced in 2007 to benefit from a raft of performance and economy measures under the banner of BMW EfficientDynamics," it said.

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG and is the parent company of both Rolls-Royce and Mini.


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