BMW ‘cleanest’ car manufacturer

BMW has been found to be the cleanest premium car manufacturer in the UK by an independent review.

The data, compiled by, suggested that not only are BMWs the cleanest cars in Britain but they are the most efficiently improved in terms of CO2 emissions of all premium car brands.

As a result, the research found that driving a BMW created an average of just 161.64g of CO2 per kilometre whereas an Audi or Mercedes generated average figures of 177.36g/km or 192.85g/km respectively. The models were assessed between January 2008 and June 2008.

Speaking about the website’s findings, publisher of Jay Nagley said: "The BMW and Mini model ranges have seen very significant improvements when it comes to CO2 emissions.

"The BMW Group should be praised for its leading stance in this area. It’s proof that driving dynamics can go hand-in-hand with a green conscience."

According to the report, the Mini was found to emit an average of 139.64g/km over the test period.


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