BMW claims green crown

BMW has claimed that it is the leading manufacturer when it comes to reducing emissions.

Following the announcement of new exemptions from the London congestion charge for cleaner vehicles, a number of car makers have come out to trumpet their environmental credentials.

But BMW says it has gone further than its rivals, introducing emission-cutting measures across its range.

"While other manufacturers might claim to be environmentally-friendly, it is BMW who has followed through on its promise to lower CO2 emissions," said Jim O’Donnell, managing director of BMW (UK) Ltd.

"Instead of producing one-off models or the odd concept car BMW has introduced EfficientDynamics across almost all of its range in 2007.

"No other manufacturer comes close to BMW in terms of combining the benefits of good fuel economy and low emissions while at the same time offering improvements in output and performance," he added.

A recent report in Autocar magazine said BMW and Mini cut emissions by almost as much as all other motor manufacturers combined last year.


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