BMW blogs fuel success

BMW has unveiled a report that could fundamentally change the way car manufacturers market their new cars. BMW’s report states that, largely through online initiatives and blogging, they earned 88 million euros for each euro spent marketing its 1-Series. 

BMW 1 Series Coupe

BMW 1 Series Coupe

The same report confirms that BMW’s online campaigns boosted production of the the 1-Series M Coupe by 68 %.

BMW’s head of social media, Bloomberg Florian Resinger, confirmed: “This was one of the best returns on investment in media and marketing that we’ve had so far.”

Horatiu Boeriu, Editor-in-Chief at BMWBLOG, added: “We started practically fives man years ago out of passion and in time we’ve turned into of the largest automotive blog site or news site that focuses on a certain automaker. We have become an important source of BMW news and reviews, and we applaud BMW for engaging us early on and seeing the value of on-line media.”


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