BMW 3-Series continues to “ooze class”

Despite the previous generation of the BMW 3-Series already being "very good", the latest offering is an "improved" model, according to one reviewer.

Writing for the Ayrshire Post, Peter Keenan has stated that the BMW 318i SE has undergone some minor adjustments in a bid to keep it one step ahead of the competition.

For the most part, according to Mr Keenan, BMW has adopted the "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it" principle, although some minor alterations are noted.

These include new front and rear LED indicators, a new bumper, bootlid and changes to the position of the electric window switches on the driver’s side, following customer feedback.

However, on the road, the class of the BMW still shines through, Mr Keenan argued, as BMW wisely opted not to make changes to the vehicle’s driving dynamics.

Overall, Mr Keenan remarked that the BMW 318i still "oozes class" and the developments to the model have only helped to enhance this further.

The vehicle is also able to accelerate from still to 62 miles per hour in 9.1 seconds.


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