Kia lifts lid on the Picanto 2008

Automobile manufacturer Kia has released details on its new 2008 Picanto vehicle.

The firm has commented that the model has been influenced by its popular cee’d range, taking on its dial illumination as well as the same grille.

Punters can pick up the Picanto in one of two forms. The Ice comes with air conditioning while the more expensive Picanto 3 can be hooked up to an iPod to allow drivers to listen to their favourite music on the move.

Kia commented that it has concentrated on how the model looks and protects motorists with the new update.

“The major changes all happen externally with new front and rear bumpers, new headlights, rear clusters, bonnet and wing mirrors,” it said.

Earlier this week, Kia announced that it has revised its Sportage SUV for 2008.

The car has been updated in order to make it more attractive to European consumers.


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