Subaru Impreza tops category in satisfaction survey

The 2001-02 model of the Subaru Impreza has been named the top performance car in the Auto Express reliability and satisfaction survey 2007.

Subaru’s whole range also performed well in the poll, coming in sixth, with over 93 per cent of current owners saying they would buy another car from the automaker.

These results reflect positively on all aspects of Subaru’s production, as the 30,000 readers who responded were asked their opinions on every aspect of car ownership, from reliability to running costs.

Lawrence Good, executive director of sales and marketing for Subaru, described the survey results as "excellent news", particularly as they follow the manufacturer being named as the ‘best franchise opportunity’ by the Institute of Transport Management.

"We are fortunate in having such loyal owners who appreciate Subaru’s legendary reliability and driver satisfaction," Mr Good added.

"There are some exciting new models just around the corner so we look forward to expanding our appeal to a wider audience while retaining all the strengths which have made Subaru such a powerful brand."

The Impreza is Subaru’s best-known and arguably its most popular model, but the automaker also makes the Forester, the Legacy, the Outback and the Tribeca.


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