Winchester welcomes the new Skoda Superb

The residents of Winchester have given a warm welcome to the new Skoda Superb during a special event hosted at the Watercress Line steam railway in sleepy Alresford.

Winchester Motor Company and Garland Motors organised the big day and gave Skoda fans the chance to test-drive the new Superb and enjoy a free ride on the railway.

Over 100 people attended and rubbed shoulders with guests such as the Mayor and Mayoress of Rushmoor.

As if that wasn’t enough incentive to turn up, Winchester and Garland showcased a vintage Skoda 422 alongside the company’s latest model.

Peter Davidson, general manager at Garland Motors, certainly enjoyed the big day. He said: "Our theme was ‘old technology meets new technology’ which went down really well with everyone, especially the buffet and rides on the steam train.

"We placed two retail orders on the day and are anticipating a fleet order of six Superbs as a result.”

The new Superb boasts the unique ‘twin door’ function. Twin door allows the user to press a button to have both a hatch and saloon style boot.

Written by Tony Motorola


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