Hamilton: ‘Hungarian Grand Prix was a lesson’

F1 title hopeful Lewis Hamilton has said that McLaren’s result in the Hungarian Grand Prix was a very important lesson for the team.

Much-fancied rival Ferrari recovered some ground at the event and their driver Felipe Massa looked set for his fourth race win of the year only to be thwarted by engine failure just kilometres away from the finishing line.

Hamilton, speaking on his personal website, believes that both himself and McLaren "cannot afford to be complacent" and vowed to work hard throughout the summer break to make sure that they are back on track by the time the F1 circus hits Valencia for the first time.

The young Brit is clearly determined to put a positive spin on the events in Hungary, rather than getting in a tailspin about it.

He commented: "Who knows, if we’d had an easier race in Hungary, maybe it would have come back and bitten us later in the season? I feel confident that we won’t be taking anything for granted."

Hamilton geared up for his next race by taking the girls from the Pussycat Dolls for dinner in swanky London restaurant Nobu Berkeley last night.


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