Unknown Mini Cooper facts revealed

Fans of the Mini Cooper range have been told of some interesting little-known facts that may be of interest to them.

The Guardian reports on some facts that are published in the book Mini: An Intimate Biography, providing some revealing insights about scenarios involving a vehicle from the Mini brand.

Among the facts announced are that racing driver Stirling Moss was once banned from driving for a year after being caught speeding in a Mini.

Furthermore, the apparent record for the number of people that can be crammed into a Mini is 66, while the largest ever line of Mini drivers to form a convoy is thought to be 299.

Finally, actor Kevin Spacey, famous for roles in films including American Beauty and Usual Suspects, once apparently paid $130,000 to own the last classic Mini Cooper to be built.

One of the vehicles open to motorists in the Mini Cooper range is the Mini Cooper Clubman, which has a top speed of 125 miles per hour and generates CO2 emissions of 132g/km.


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