Birthday makeover leaves Mini Cooper looking ‘fresh’

A new makeover has left the Mini Cooper looking as "fresh as ever" despite the vehicle celebrating its 50th birthday this year, a reviewer has stated.

Jackie Violet has remarked in the Daily Record that among the developments made to the Mini are changes to both the exterior and interior.

On the outside, buyers have the choice of new roof colours, alongside witnessing developments to the bodywork and wheel options.

Meanwhile, inside, buyers are greeted with new instrument clusters and upholsteries, while there is added space for luggage in the rear.

Air conditioning is also included as standard for the first time.

Furthermore, motorists can boost their chances of overtaking Sunday drivers by switching on the overboost on the turbocharger.

"Whack on the overboost and extra power can be reached for about nine seconds that will ensure overtaking manoeuvres are performed swiftly and safely, but it’s hold on to your wig stuff," Ms Violet indicated.

Buyers of a Mini Cooper with manual transmission can expect to reach a top speed of 126 miles per hour, while accelerating from still to 62 miles per hour in 9.1 seconds.


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