Mazda tops reliability ratings

Japanese manufacturer Mazda has been rated the most reliable car brand in the world’s largest ever study on vehicle dependability.

Only 8.04 per cent of all of the Mazdas monitored over a 12-month period recorded a mechanical failure of some kind, according to the study by Warranty Direct. More than 450,000 vehicles, from 33 manufacturers, were considered.

The resultant top ten list of reliable cars was dominated by east Asian companies, with Honda, which had an 8.9 per cent frequency of failure, Toyota (15.8 per cent), Mitsubishi (17 per cent) and Kia (17.4 per cent) making up the top five.

Subaru, Nissan and Lexus occupied the following spots, while Mini and Citroen were the only European organisations to make it into the top ten.

Duncan McClure Fisher, managing director of Warranty Direct, emphasised the thoroughness of the study, saying: "This is unique data based on real cars, driving real miles, over the past five years."

Surprisingly, 4×4 manufacturers Land Rover and Jeep were found to make the least reliable cars, with incident rates of 44.2 and 46.4 per cent respectively.

Ford, the most popular vehicle producer in the UK, was rated in 14th position, Peugeot, another popular name, came in 13th and Vauxhall was listed at 19th.


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