Mazda plans fuel efficient drive

Mazda is preparing to unleash a new, fuel-efficient model at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in an effort to cut costs for credit crunched motorists.

The manufacturer is to launch the Mazda3 with i-stop, Mazda’s advanced fuel-saving start-stop system, which it said would help to improve fuel consumption by 12 per cent.

"The Mazda3 with i-stop embodies Sustainable Zoom-Zoom and adds a new eco-friendly option to the lineup," the company said.

Used Mazda dealers can expect to see plenty of interest in more fuel-efficient vehicles in the future, as drivers look to cut down on their fuel costs.

Petrol prices remain relatively high and as such the demand for vehicles that can reduce the amount spent at the pumps could be set to soar.

Meanwhile, used Mazda dealers can also expect to see more interest in the marquee, as the company is also planning to unveil Mazda3 MPS sport compact at the Geneva show later this month.

"These two models add extra value to an all-new Mazda3 lineup that has already shown strong appeal," said Mazda3 programme manager, Yoshiyuki Maeda.

Written by Barry Oakey


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