Less doors, more car for your money

The Mazda2’s success since its launch has meant that three-door versions of the hatchback are being added to the range.

The 1.3 TS and 1.3 TS2 petrol engine and 1.4D TS and 1.4D TS2 diesel versions will be accompanied by a Sport 1.5 petrol engine model.

"Demand for the new Mazda2 five-door has been greater than we anticipated and the arrival of the new three-door model, with its special appeal to a different group of consumers, will accelerate sales to a much higher level," comments Mark Cameron, Mazda UK marketing director.

"Mazda hasn’t had a three-door model in the small car segment since the 1990s and certainly not with the appeal of the new Mazda2, so in some ways we are moving into unknown territory."

A new paint colour – pearlescent white – will be offered alongside all of the options previously available to the purchasers of the five-door Mazda2.


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