New Maseratis reach UK shores

Luxury Italian carmaker Maserati has announced that the first 12 Quattroporte Automatics have arrived in the UK.

A "symbolic" handover took place as Maserati GB’s managing director Andrea Antonnicola handed over the cars’ keys to dealers, who were gathered at the Vineyard hotel in Stockcross.

According to the car manufacturer, the Quattroporte Automatic has been designed to accommodate different driving styles.

In keeping with the model’s role as a luxurious grand tourer, it can be driven with six-speed automatic transmission.

However, manual sequential shifting is also available as well as the Quattroporte’s sport mode, which will accommodate a more active driving style.

One of the main focuses during the car’s production was on balance, with the majority of the vehicle’s weight situated in the centre, owing to the engine being located behind the front axle.

The front of the car accounts for 49 per cent of its weight, while the remaining 51 per cent is situated in the rear, leading to enhanced traction and acceleration.

UK sales of the Maserati Quattroporte Automatic officially commenced on February 14th.


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