Lexus to unveil LF-Xh at Tokyo Motor Show

The new Lexus LF-Xh concept car to be unveiled by the firm at the Tokyo Motor Show has been described as "dynamic".

According to the Toyota subsidiary, the vehicle fuses an stylish interior with a powerful body, backed up by an all-wheel drive system which keeps drivers in control.

In addition, its V6 petrol engine and electric motor hybrid technology allows environmentally-friendly motorists to keep their consciences clean.

The company commented on its philosophy and dedication in giving the best to its customers.

"Lexus strives to provide the highest-quality products and to fill every moment with exhilaration and comfort for its customers through continued, uncompromising efforts in all aspects of development, production and sales," he said.

Toyota founded Lexus as its company car division in 1989.

Initially selling outside of Japan, the brand was introduced to the country in 2005.


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