New Kia Soul is all about ‘surprise and style’

One of the designers responsible for the new Kia Soul hatchback has commented that the new car is all about "surprise and style".

Gregory Guillaume, chief designer, Kia Motors Europe, believes that first impressions can make a big impact.

He said: "Tall doors and high-mounted seats make for easy access and an airy interior, yet the laid-back dashboard design, triple dial instrument cluster and thick-rimmed steering wheel create an unusual combination of spaciousness for passengers and cosiness for the driver generating a very special ambience."

Mr Guillaume’s fellow countrymen will get the first chance to see if his words are true – the car will be unveiled at the Paris Salon de l’Automobile in October.

Kia Soul will hit car showrooms in mainland Europe next February, with the UK pencilled in for the following month.

Paul Philpott, managing director of Kia Motors UK described the five-door vehicle as having "liberating ideas and cavernous passenger space for active people with busy lives".


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