Coming Soon – The Maserati SUV!

Maserati has claimed it will create its first Sports Utility Vehicle within the next five years.


The company said the announcement was part of a plan to sell 50,000 cars annually by 2015 – Maserati made 5,675 cars in 2010 at a factory near Bologna, where it was founded in 1914.

Maserati Marketing Director Massimo Farao confirmed: “Our main market is in the U.S., and we are broadening our product range there in the E segment to compete with Mercedes.

The new Maserati SUV will be made in Detroit at the Jefferson North assembly plant, where the Jeep Grand Cherokee is built, from a Jeep platform. Meanwhile, a new high-end, or E segment, car will compete with a BMW Series 5 or Audi A6.

Maserati also said it planned to produce a new Alfa Romeo model from May 2013 at its Modena factory.

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