Brits love Sixties cars

Research by classic car insurers Footman James has confirmed what many of us long since suspected: when it comes to a love-affair with cars, driving and the heritage of design, British vehicle owners just love the Sixties.

Think Jaguar E-type, MGB, Lotus Elan and Porsche 911 and you’ve got just four amazing reasons to reminisce.

According to Footman James, 64 per cent of classic vehicle owners thought the Sixties the sexiest era of classic motoring. Okay, so it may have been the decade most respondents, aged 50-59, spent their youth, but the Sixties was the era when the Morris Minor and Ford Cortina first appeared – what’s not to love.

Andy Fairchild, Footman James’ MD confirmed:

“Having a passion for classics is often a real family affair and therefore it is not surprising that the 1960s is the most popular decade of classic motoring, bearing in mind the age of the respondents and the fact that they may well have spent their childhood tinkering under the bonnet of their dad’s car.”

Footman James asked 3,608 classic vehicle owners which decades they were interested in. 64 per cent went for the Sixties, 54 per cent went for the Seventies, 32 per cent went for the Fifties and 28 per cent for the Eighties.

Fairchild concluded:

“The challenge for the industry now is to generate an enthusiasm for the future classics, cars from the 1990s and the last decade, ensuring the passion for classics lives on in current generations.”


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