Used cars ‘a buyers’ market’

An unexpectedly sharp downturn in the activity of the used car market has transformed the sector into a "buyers’ market", according to the managing editor of EurotaxGlass’s.

Adrian Rushmore was commenting on the seasonal slowdown in trade demand and prices which has hit a lot stronger than many dealers had anticipated.

"Whilst in reality the decline is probably no worse than in previous years, many vehicle retailers appear to be surprised and disappointed by its speed and magnitude," he added.

Many experts have looked to the increased activity in the new car market as a reason for the downturn.

Mr Rushmore outlined that new car deals which were already "attractive" had been boosted by September’s low prices due to dealers wanting to hit their manufacturer-imposed sale targets.

He also suggested that dealers were pre-registering a large number of cars as demonstrators before being moved to the used car forecourt within only a few months.

This week Easier confirmed that Jewelultra, the makers of the paint protection process Diamondbrite, are to sponsor the Hot Hatch category at this year’s Autotrader Used Car of the Year Awards.


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