UK road congestion ‘getting worse’

The southern end of the M1 is the UK’s worst congestion hotspot in a country getting bogged down with traffic, according to recent research.

Compiled by the RAC Foundation and Trafficmaster, the UK Congestion Report has highlighted the worst places in the country for mass congestion and thereby allowed drivers to see exactly where traffic jams are most likely to occur.

Congestion in the country is getting worse, according to the survey, which compiled the number of Trafficmaster congestion alerts from across the nation for the study.

Overall, it found that the UK has seen a 0.8 per cent increase in congestion over the first three months of 2007, while the CBI also estimates that heavy traffic costs the UK economy as much as £20 billion per year in resources and lost time.

Philip Hale, spokesman for Trafficmaster, said: "We all know where our local congestion black spots are and many people have heard of some of the nation’s worst roads. The problem is we all continue to use these roads when they’re most congested, despite knowing we’re likely to hit a traffic jam."

He added that the solution was to identify likely hotspots and plan alternative routes to help avoid the potential build up of traffic.


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