‘Take care’ warning issued to Brit booze cruise drivers

British drivers who are planning to cross the channel to load their cars up with cheap alcohol, have been advised to make sure they know the different rules of motoring that are in force on the continent.

The warning comes from esure insurance company which is alarmed by research that showed 84 per cent of British booze cruise drivers are ignorant about the motorway speed limit in France. (It’s 130km/h.)

With 57 per cent of an estimated 2.3 million motorists planning to load up their car boots with foreign plonk, that could mean a lot of cars on French roads observing an incorrect speed limit.

Carrying a warning triangle in a car is compulsory when on the roads in France, Belgium and Germany. Yet 57 per cent of drivers in Europe break the law by not realising this.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure car insurance, said: "It’s important for motorists who are planning a booze cruise to make sure they read up on the different motoring rules and regulations beforehand to help avoid being issued with any unwanted fines across the channel."

Written by Toby Oldham


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