New motorway signs rolled out in north-west

Drivers who break down on a motorway in north-west England are set to benefit from the introduction of new road signs.

The markers have been designed to allow motorists report where they are in case they need to contact the Highways Agency.

People who relay the information on the sign to the organisation will then be able to be pinpointed quickly and accurately.

The signs will tell motorists which motorway they are on, which point they are at and the direction in which they are travelling.

Sujad Hussain, route performance manager for the M62 and M56, said that since many people called for assistance with their mobiles rather than the motorway emergency phones, it had become increasingly difficult to identify their exact location.

He commented: “If road users can tell us what is on the sign nearest to them on the motorway, we can work out where they are on the M62 or M56 if they breakdown or need to report an incident.”

This comes after the Highways Agency urged motorists to make sure they have enough fuel in the tank before taking to the roads over the winter season.


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