New car buyers ‘turning green’

As ecological issues become a more prevalent aspect of modern society, new car buyers are planning to show their commitment to the environment by buying ‘green’ cars, according to research by the AA.

A study by the association reveals that the proportion of people planning to buy a car on environmental grounds has trebled from six per cent to 20 per cent in the last 12 months.

The number of car buyers whose motivation lies in the environmental agenda has risen for five consecutive quarters and is likely to increase again in the coming months, according to the AA.

This inclination towards ecological responsibility could become evident throughout 2007, with 25 per cent of British motorists planning to change their car this year.

Lloyd East, director of AA Personal Loans, said: "The rapid growth of the green agenda among car buyers over the last year is very significant. To date, the Chelsea tractors have take the brunt of green attacks but in truth 4x4s make up a relatively a small percentage of cars on the road."

He added: "With a fifth of all car buyers today going green, the environmental agenda is being driven into the heart of the motor industry."

The AA’s survey also found that financial aspects of car ownership are important to buyers, with 31 per cent of people saying they want a car that is reliable and cheap to maintain and 27 per cent wanting better fuel economy and lower insurance costs.


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