Motorists in Liverpool may be the easiest to complete a car sale with

Car dealers may find it easier to strike a deal with a motorist in Liverpool, as it has been discovered that they are the least self-conscious about the condition of their vehicle.

With many dealers potentially struggling to make a sale as motorists fail to make a concrete decision over whether the car being looked at is exactly as they desire, motorists in Liverpool may reach a decision quicker than most if the price is right.

Research from the Karcher UK Academy has found that Scousers are the least embarrassed over the condition and look of the vehicle compared to motorists in over locations across the UK.

It was discovered that only four per cent of drivers in the region become concerned about the look of their vehicle, compared to 29 per cent of motorists in Bristol.

Overall, it was determined by the study that a fifth of British motorists have at times become embarrassed by the state of their car.

Meanwhile, motorists and dealers intent on ensuring their car looks good have been told that this can be done without major expense.

Nigel Adams, a car cleaning master from the Karcher UK Academy, said: "It is possible to achieve a high standard, professional-looking, clean car yourself, without having to use the services of an expert valet."

He added that this is possible by using the right tools and carrying out the work in the right way, such as soaping, brushing and rinsing.

Alternatively, used car dealers and motorists could equally opt to visit a car wash to get most of the dirt off their vehicle, while running a vacuum around the interior.


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