Morrisons’ fuel price cut welcomed

Price comparison website uSwitch has joined motorists in welcoming a reduction in supermarket fuel costs after Morrisons announced that it was cutting its prices.

The supermarket revealed that it had cut petrol by £0.02 per litre and Ashton Berkhauer, insurance expert at the website, said the news was welcome.

"All of the ‘Big 4’ supermarket chains, which represent 38 per cent of all fuel sales, have now cut petrol prices," he explained.

While Morrisons has dropped prices by £0.02, Asda has also cut prices with Tesco pledging to match the cheapest petrol price in each local area.

Sainsbury’s has not missed out, offering shoppers £0.05 off per litre for every £50 spent at the pumps.

"It is good to see these major retail players passing on savings to their consumers but are they doing enough to combat the 14 per cent fuel price increase we have already felt this year?" he added.

Morrisons said that the cut meant it had reduced prices by £0.10 a litre off its diesel prices in the last 20 days, Sky News revealed.


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