How does smoking in a car affect its potential selling price?

Smokers who have made the decision to have a cigarette in their used cars may have damaged more than their health in doing so, it has been revealed.

As well as damaging a person’s heart and leaving them more susceptible to heart attacks and other coronary diseases, alongside the financial cost of buying cigarettes, it could also damage their wallets in other ways.

British Car Auctions (BCA) has suggested that the cost that a car sells for could also prove to be much less if a previous motorist has opted to enjoy the odd cigarette while inside.

The company has suggested that budding buyers are only interested in the "best quality stock" in the current environment.

And this is unlikely to include vehicles prone to having occupants smoking inside, as the interior is liable to smell like an ashtray, burn marks could be present on the seats and the in-car lighter may be damaged.

Dealers are also encouraged to keep a close eye on what they are buying as a vehicle of this kind may be difficult for them to even sell on.

Tim Naylor, PR Manager at BCA, said: "Although prices for used cars have been rising, it would be unwise to assume that buyers will pay high prices for every vehicle, whatever the condition.

"Buyers will only part with their cash for the very best examples and any car that has been heavily smoked in is potentially at a disadvantage when it comes to be sold.”

Among the ways in which a seller could attempt to improve the condition of their vehicle is through taking it to a valet, although this could prove expensive if certain aspects of the car need replacing.

Experts suggested in the past that tobacco smoke is almost ten times more likely to create air pollution than car fumes.


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  1. I found a great company we used yesterday it had come out to us and fully valeted the car it stank of odour and tobacco birds poo on paint which stained the paint they restored the paint by mopping service the where called 1MVC Mobile Vehicle Care