Forward planning ‘essential’ when buying a car

A former Top Gear presenter has stressed that forward planning is essential when buying a car.

For over a decade Quentin Wilson was a colleague of Jeremy Clarkson on TV’s most popular motoring show. Endearing himself to the used car industry, he has been a fierce critic of how over-priced new cars can be.

Speaking on behalf of Kitemark, which independently tests products to make sure they conform to the relevant British standard, he urged car buyers to use common sense.

Mr Wilson said: "It’s about looking to see if they [dealers]are a member of a motoring federation, practice good standards, and have got a reputation.

"It’s about knowing if the product has been tested and if the operator cares about their reputation, standards, doing the right job and all that old- fashioned stuff."

According to recent research by Consumer Direct, more than half of all consumer complaints relate to goods and services bought at the traders’ premises, with over one in ten resulting from internet purchases.

Written by Bobby Minter


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