Food tops in-car entertainment poll

Parents needing a car suitable for their growing family might be interested to hear that food and drink is the top way to entertain youngsters on a journey, according to a new survey.

Research by Citroen found that snacks were the top choice of in-car activities for 22 per cent of parents, who were asked how they manage to keep their children occupied on long trips.

Distracting them with their favourite toys was second most popular, with 18 per cent of mums and dads using this method, while putting a kids music CD on was third with 17 per cent of the votes.

Books were next, followed by stories on CD and tape, which were favoured by one in ten parents.

For those with in-car DVD players, putting on a film was also a chosen activity, while handheld computer games were also mentioned.

"All parents know that the only way to make a long car journey tolerable is to keep the kids occupied," child psychologist Dr Pat Spungin told Citroen.

"Spending some time playing traditional in-car games like I Spy are still good ways of entertaining young children," she added.

Many cars now come with optional extras that could be ideal for keeping young children occupied while on the road and many models have a range of convenient devices aimed at making a journey more comfortable for all passengers.


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