‘Don’t neglect car maintenance at Christmas’

Auto Windscreens has urged motorists not to neglect essential car maintenance before setting out on Christmas journeys – to do so is to risk falling foul of the law.

Recent research from Auto Windscreens has found that 77 per cent of drivers fail to check their car for necessary repairs before embarking on a long journey.

Abu Haris-Shafi, managing director of Auto Windscreens urged drivers to have regular service checks and address problems with their car as soon as they are identified.

He said: "This will not only help save money in the long run but can prevent drivers falling foul of the law and risking their life, as well as the lives of others.”

One in four UK drivers overlook the need to replace worn tyres, while 47 per cent don’t promptly repair windscreen chips.

Auto Windscreens advises that if a windscreen chip is sighted in the driver’s line of vision then there is a danger of being temporarily dazzled and blinded by oncoming vehicle’s headlights.

Written by Roxy Moran


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