Car rental firm offers winter driving tips

Motorists heading out onto winter roads in the next few weeks may benefit from a series of tips from National Car Rental.

If it is raining, the firm claims it is a good idea to slow down so as not to end up with a windscreen covered in spray. Similarly, longer braking distances should be factored into stopping in such conditions.

Fog lights can be useful when the weather demands them, but drivers should make sure they switch them off as they may be hazardous to others on the road.

In addition, motorists should make sure they have lots of time to complete their journey, avoiding rushing, but should also remember that most trips can be postponed.

"This is one of the most dangerous times of year for driving, as the roads are not only icy, but are full with overcrowded cars and stressed out motorists," commented Dawn Clayton, marketing manager for National Car Rental.

Department for Transport statistics show that there were 3,150 road deaths in the UK last year.


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